Sarah Fuller

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June 29, 2007, Trans- Canada pullout 20 minutes east of Medicine Hat, AB., 2008

Type C print on metallic paper from scanned 4"x5" pinhole negative, transcribed dream report, 20" x 48"

1,200 USD

This series of photographs and text document my experience during a night's sleep. The apparatus for capturing this experience is a pinhole camera and a notebook. The performed process is to open the shutter just before I go to sleep and close it when I wake up in the morning. The camera records my body's movement during the night and often results in a blurred image. Before I get up, I write the contents of the dream from that night. I combine the image and text together to form two interpretations of the same time period. I'm interested in the slippage that occurs between the dream experience and the documention; it is an effort to make the intangible, tangible. I also interested in the relationship this form of portraiture has to intimacy and shared experience.

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