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The Reverse Ark II: In the Wake, 2009

Installation, sculpture, public program, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


A temporary school built with Baltimore specific, reclaimed materials; floorboards from abandoned row houses, fallen trees, surplus paper rolls from the Baltimore Sun and surplus fabric from the textile industry. Content for the school was informed by the political, social and economic history of the materials.

The museum became a vessel, an ark with a sail that doubled as a massive loom that invited everyone to become part of a weaving process. The ark had a printing press, where visitors were invited tie large letter stamps to their feet and press a letter with ink onto Baltimore Sun surplus newsprint rolls.The space was handed over to Baltimore; students, community groups and passerby who created weekly public programs for 3 months ranging from a time capsule workshop, clean water walk, mapping workshop, tent-building workshop, reading circles, film screenings and more.

Collaborators: Michael Swaine, artist and Stijn Schiffeleers, Artist

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