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2LDK, 2010

inkjet prints, Dimensions Variable

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In Japan, “2LDK” stands for “apartment with 2 Bedrooms, Living room, Dining room and Kitchen”.

Japanese Windows
Widespread use of frosted or textured glass on Japanese windows gives them a blurry, near impressionist appearance. Attracted by the way the glass allows a glimpse into privacy but still protects anonymity, the restrained voyeur in me started a photo collection of such mysterious windows.

The Trophy Room
Like a hunter exhibits trophies on a wall, I install my catches into views of my own apartment in Tokyo. The resulting photography is a hybrid mix of Japanese private spaces. By putting personal belongings, pieces of furniture and digital photographic objects on the same level, I try to give a contemporary twist to the tradition of still life.

This project is my personal and subjective photographic answer to the question: “How do the Japanese live at home?” At the same time, it might also reveal how photography, like an obsession, can invade the mind and the space of the photographer.

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