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[Dubois Residence, from "The Homecoming"]

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The Homecoming, 2013

Digital inkjet print on linen, LED lights, Acrylic paint, rope, generator, 117" x 148", 40m 0s

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The historical town of Bear Creek, YT is situated approximately 12 km outside of Dawson City and was the former company town for Yukon Consolidated Gold Corporation. It has been abandoned since the mid-1960s and is now maintained by Parks Canada as a National Historic Site. Many of the residential buildings have been transported from their original site in Bear Creek to Dawson City, and all that remains of their presence in the original site are their foundations.

In the outdoor installation "The Homecoming", I re-inserted five of the buildings back into their former place of residence via large-scale photographic prints on linen. These prints were manipulated using theatre techniques once used by Daguerre in the Paris Diorama in the mid 1850s, and saw the houses shift from dusk to night. I wanted to create a sense of home in the structures, as well as a visual play on memory, ghosts and history.

In tandem to the installation at Bear Creek, five signs were placed around Dawson in front of the buildings where they currently stand today. Each sign had a short history of the residence and its connection to Bear Creek.

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