Michael T. Boroniec

[Re.Sound on view @ Ferrin Gallery]

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Re.Sound, 2009

Piezoelectric transducer, amplifier, space, and people, Dimensions Variable

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Gal•lery: a. a room or building devoted to the exhibition of works of art. b. an institution or business exhibiting or dealing in works of art.

What is a gallery without the viewer? If a painting hangs on a wall and nobody comes to see it, is it really there? Imagine, as a viewer, a gallery space that is completely void of any visual art: blank walls create curiosity, silent, empty rooms beckon you to enter. What is this? An empty gallery? As you enter, your footsteps are amplified and broadcast to hidden speakers around the room. An empty pedestal becomes a new-age drum set; a wall, an experiment; a chair, an experience.

re.sound is a collaborative, experimental, site-specific work of sound-based, borderline performance, installation art. The accompanying video shows only the skeleton of the system: with different skins--rooms, floors, walls, etc.--the possibilities for this project become limitless.

Without the viewer--or in this case, the hearer--there is no art. Without the presence of a body to bring energy to the system, there is no energy to amplify. The hearer is simultaneously creating and experiencing the art. There is no common painting for everyone to gaze at or sculpture to circle around. Each and every step becomes a sound, each person and their actions another ingredient added to the ever-changing mixture. Imagine two
people, both creating their own sounds but also collaborating, trading, copying and creating a synergetic effect. Two people end up creating three sounds, forever amplifying the system.

As this project is very site-specific and lends itself to a completely different work of art with every passing second, we believe any and all facilities are a more than suitable venue for the exploration of this idea. The artists themselves could join in the fun, creating art along with the hearers. This piece creates spontaneous art and curiosity that will resonate through any gallery, redefining what it means to be an artist, a gallery, and a viewer.

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