Devin Balara

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Greening, 2014

$1000 worth of green rugs, purchased, installed, documented, returned, refunded, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


My work mines the ways that nature is commoditized, mediated, domesticated and composed in the suburban spaces of the South. Grassy medians, manicured hedges and boulder arrangements abound, serving up the notion that nature is something that we have allowed to exist among the sprawl. I am interested in the standards of domestic space that tend to spill outward onto the landscape and vice versa. This work, entitled "Greening," employs green rugs as a kind of grassy surrogate, patching in places that were carved from nature, yet seem to have fallen out of use. Completed in one week in Greensboro, NC, I bought $1000 worth of green bath rugs from big-box retailers, installed and photographed them, and returned them without being asked any questions.

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