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The Fish Building, 2011

Ink Jet Plot - The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Dimensions Variable


The Fish BuildingSite - specific collaborative intervention and performance -The Bronx Museum of the Arts

Supported by The Bronx Museum of the Arts AIM program (Artist in the Marketplace), argentine-born artist Gabriela Bertiller developed The Fish Building, a project that highlights and contributes the dialogue between the Museum and its community.The Fish Building is an Art Deco structure, appropriately named after the aquarium mosaic flanking its entrance. Bertiller inspired by the building's unique details and its loss of appreciation over time has transported stunning visual elements of The Fish Building into the exhibition. The artist used it as a vehicle to highlight and facilitate an exchange between the Museum and the Bronx community.During the exhibit, Gabriela honors the emblematic construction giving it a new appreciation in a fine art setting by replicating some of the buildings interiors in the lobby of The Bronx Museum. The artist goes deeper in her proposal of interaction with the community by including the Fish Building’s tenants as a fundamental part of her work. The bond she proposes to stimulate, materialized on the opening day when the tenants of the building formed a symbolic line in matching red t-shirts reading “Proud tenant of the Fish Building” from The Fish Building’s entrance to the Museum Hall. This active participation of the tenants, the neighbors and museum’s visitors turns The Fish Building into not only as a piece of art but a collectively constructed one.

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