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Urban Survival Apparatuses, 2011

Silk, Metal, Perfume, Predatory Animal Urine, Squid Ink, Glass, Wood, Infused oils, beeswax, 20" x 54" x 6"


urban survival apparatuses#1the smell of rejection is a hard perfume housed in a locket worn on the female’s wrist. if approached by an undesirable male, apply liberally to wrist and wait for introduction of scent into male’s atmosphere. first, a bouquet of lavender will soothe the male. then he will come up against a wall of human male pheromone, which will confuse his olfactory receptors. in that moment the female may politely excuse herself, and he won’t mind because she now smells like a man.#25 vials each containing squid ink, and urine from a mountain lion, wolf, bobcat, coyote and fox, respectively. upon noticing an unwelcome party, remove vial from necklace and throw onto the ground while moving away quickly. if not broken by the force, crush it with your foot. anyone following will be lost in the haze.#3the scent of danger is a deterrent comprised of mountain lion, wolf, coyote, bobcat and fox urine, extract of ghost pepper, tetrodotoxin infused oil, arginine infused oil, and the repulsive scent of a cheap perfume called sex on the beach. use as a form of mace and spray in the vicinity of apprehending party to send them fleeing.#4one small metal tube, combined with pieces of napkin, or the receipt from the bar you are sitting in. spit has a smell particularly characteristic of its owner. this gives a library its scent: the many readers who lick their fingers to turn endless pages. those wet marks retain their aroma. soak small piece of napkin or paper in your mouth, and place the end of the metal tube. blow air swiftly through other end in the direction of your chosen target and wait for the scent of your wet love note to take effect.

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