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Untitled Carving Series, 2010

Wood, Laser Cured Resin, and Marble, 8" x 2" x 2"


Untitled Carving Series

Mixed Media, 1983-2010

After my grandfather passed away, I found an original sketch for a particular carving he had given me in 1983. I decided to create two new editions of my grandfather’s Untitled Carving, using only his original sketch as a guide. In my first attempt (Untitled Carving (Revisited #1)), I carved the piece using a 3D digital modeling program to create an object out of polygons and mathematical curves. I then had the digital model printed on a stereolithography machine. For the second sculpture (Untitled Carving (Revisited #2)), I employed a professional marble carving company in Tianjin, China. I sent the carver a facsimile of my grandfather’s original sketch, and asked him to copy it exactly as he saw it.

We project our own emotions, history, cultures, and selves onto everything we do, allowing an idea that was once original and complete to continue to be altered in an infinite number of ways, indefinitely.

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