Gabriela Bertiller

[Visiting Grandmother, Installation and Performance]

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Visiting Grandmother, 2005

Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


"Visiting Grandmother" is about beautifying those things that have been forgotten or overlooked. By adding ornaments and decorative materials, which are often used on glamorous subjects, the virtues of what is unseen are made noticeable and the forgotten is made memorable.

In today's hectic societies we find that a common under-appreciated entity is the grandmother, who is to most a combination of wisdom, patience, strength, heritage, and courage.

Glamourize it! Visiting Grandmother is a reminder of what we do not always choose to see and cherish, and is a vehicle to honor the valuable qualities of grandmothers.

During the exhibition, the visitor to the gallery is visiting a real grandmother. Her presence in the gallery and the symbols that surround her represent how she is seemingly always there, in her place, knitting and waiting.

As soon as the gallery visitors enter the space, they are instantly transformed into a grandma’s visitor. The visitors have the possibility of interacting with her, listen to her stories, engage in a rich dialogue or enjoy the treats she has to offer.

With the power and allure radiant materials inherently carry and their ability to intensify visual impact, the grandmother is glamourized, so she flashes with the iridescent grace and splendor she deserves.

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