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terra cotta, black glaze, Dimensions Variable

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(contact) www.mboroniec.com


Michael Boroniec, MA, USA, responds to the ongoing BP Oil leak crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, by using Terracotta and black glaze, in his installation, "A CRUDE AWAKENING." Pelicans sit atop oil drums, shore birds perch on post stained in black. An appropriated XiXing teapot transforms into an barrel, while stained twigs act as a spout and handle. Boroniec channeled his frustration watching the ongoing BP Oil spill disaster in the Gulf through this series of sculptures and objects. "Its a narrative. They are props for a story. Sadly, the story isnt fiction, people have lost their livlihoods, the ecosystem has sustained some serious damage. So when no one know who BP is, what BP did, or even what BP stands for, the story will be written."

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