Jp Terlizzi

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Undressed Is The Land, 2013

C-Print, 18" x 24"

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The most dominant form of natural vegetation in New Jersey is forest. In spite of being the most densely populated state, and even with its rampant industrialization and urbanization, a surprising amount of New Jersey remains wooded. My work investigates the complex ecosystem known as the climax forest—a stable, undisturbed plant community dominated by trees. Working intuitively, I direct my attention towards the forest’s vivid greens, creating meditative landscapes that capture the mysterious and fantastical atmosphere found in isolated scenes within the natural environment. My approach is that of a curious wanderer collecting narrative fragments of the undisturbed, overlooked, or unnoticed beauty that lies within lush, untamed growth. The intent is to reveal a sense of place, an emporium that borders on the imaginary.

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