Carmen Tiffany

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Endangered Habits, 2012

Video, 10m 0s


I contaminate the fantastical artifice and promise of children’s media and toys with life’s, often visceral, realities. Exploiting the societal underbelly of the rural American west, where I grew up, I create lineage between pathetic social entropies and utopian ideologies instilled in modern childhood. Using several mediums I attempt to reconstruct my memories and investigate the significance of childhood fantasy in relation to the destitute and isolated regions of culture. Creating hybrids of these two ideologies I can communicate satire and awkward realities. Working primarily in drawing, painting and video I focus on a bright color palette mimicking the aesthetics of children's media. Combining this palette with the dry and dull loneliness of Big Sky Country creates endless ways for me to toggle back and forth between fantasy and despair.

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