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[installation at susanne vielmetter la projects]

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above the sand flown and undone (levitation), 2006

wood, paint, polyurethane, sound equipment, sound composition, 22" x 22" x 72"


"above the sand, flown and undone (levitation)" is a collision of sorts - part sculpture and part sound piece - both birthed from connecting points of various similar inspirations: research on synesthesia and various color musical note equivalent lists, newspaper articles on gamelan music at the 1889 paris world's fair, and a system for translating a few bars of classical music into building blocks for a sculpture.

i am interested in the collision of two mediums, where each individual work was birthed from the same "system" or "score". this is not a situation where the sound becomes a soundtrack for a sculpture, or the sculpture becomes a visual for the sound, in the compatible way that film music works with moving images; but an awkward unresolved presence, where the two things converse - at times in harmony and at times in tension. there are moments when the work suggests it be listened to and looked at sculpturally - i.e. moving through space while experiencing the work. at other moments the work suggests a viewer should be sitting in the space with eyes closed and listening.

the sculpture is made of wood with acrylic paint and polyurethane; and is about the size of a small person. the sound work uses the manipulated sounds of a harmonica, a home made violin type instrument from the 1930's, and a field recording of sheep & cows grazing in vals switzerland.

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