Christopher Rodriguez

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Forest Fire, CA, 2012

Archival Pigment Print, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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These images are from Sublime Cultivation, which explores conditions of the Sublime, or concentrated moments of rapture, and argues for a lyrical landscape within our cynical and saturated image consuming culture. Sublime Cultivation is an umbrella under which I can question our relationships with nature that are sometimes whimsical, and often dire.

With some of the images, I am referencing 19th century concepts of the Sublime while other images are concerned with how these historical ideas manifest themselves today, specifically through artificial and unexpected moments of human interaction.

Sublime Cultivation has been made over a period of several years on road trips across the country. The images are not all directly related through place and thus, sequencing is paramount wherein interrelationships generate narratives and poetics.

Anxiety over human and ecological fragility shapes my perception and gives form to the landscape. I am attracted to qualities of tension and an unsettled, charged atmosphere. The color palette helps maintain this surreal quality, shifting the ordinary to the bizarre. Ultimately, the photographs aim to re-awaken our exhausted vision of the American landscape.

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