Irina Rozovsky

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Untitled (from One to Nothing), 2010

Archival Pigment Print, 24" x 24"

1,100 USD

One to Nothing is the score to an existential battle: a confrontation between the individual and the abyss, where "nothing" is much bigger and greater than any single “one” could be. These photographs were made in Israel, a place of historic conflict where it is not always clear who is the victor and the victim. These images are not political—they do not take a side or critique a problem. Instead, Israel here serves as an abstract, mythological background. Depicted is a land charged and tangled by questions that cannot be answered. Echoes of the origins of man murmur in the desert sun, and once in a while, from beneath the weight of dusty struggles wafts a breeze to alleviate the tension.

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