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Curio Search Service, 2010

found objects on eBay, written letters, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


Lea Redmond has a special place in her heart for eBay. It is a junk shop with endless aisles in which curious objects fill the shelves and dangle from the ceiling. With her creative and strategic search methods, she has become famous (in her tiny little world) for being able to find the most delightful and unusual things on eBay.

For a brief time in 2009 and 2010, Lea offered this service to the public. Customers submitted any 20 carefully chosen key words that somehow or another carried great personal meaning. The words could be nouns, verbs, ideas, people's names, places, emotions - just about anything. The customer then indicated how much they wanted to spend and Lea would find the perfect curio - a surprise object that appeared in the mailbox a few weeks later. Included with the item was an original poetic letter about the curio. Many were given as gifts, which made for an even greater surprise.

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