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Sweet Tooth of the Tiger, 2010

Baking ingredients, bake sale table and tablecloth, participants, myself, social space, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


Sweet Tooth of the Tiger was a way to carve out a critical space for issues pertaining to the art world and to eating as a social practice. My intent was two-pronged: to study the performativity of privately preparing food with sugar as a key ingredient in a kitchen and then publicly sharing the sugary food in the critical and sanitized space of the art gallery, watching as people ate together with emotions ranging from delight, torment, disgust, and indifference. This intent was coupled with studying networks of power in an art space while responding as an artist/student to a downtrodden economy. I would take my baked goods, made alone in my kitchen, and offer them publicly to gallery-goers at a 'suggested donation' from a bake sale table in an exhibition space. This two year experiment (2008-2010) became something different for all parties included. For me, it was a way to examine how people interact with each other over food. For others, it was a chance to eat, to talk, to ask me what I was doing. Some thought the project was a business, some understood that I was trying to merge theory with the art of the everyday.


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