Manuel Acevedo

[We Are Watching, Inkjet print on a black wall 10.5’ x 8’ at Project Row Houses, Houston, TX]

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The House Alhacen Built, 2012

Pigment prints, black aluminum, vellum, mirror, black masking tape and video projection, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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"The House that Alhacen Built" The House that Alhacen Built is a homage to Ibn Al-Hacen. This body of work is inspired by Al-hacen’s first experiments in a darkroom written and published in his Book of Optics (dated approximately 1029 AD). The installation frames the projected image within the science, art, and history of photography predating the camera. Using multiple projectors and mirrors, light and images in real-time and time-lapse will be reflected throughout the house. The installation was included in Round 36 at Project Row Houses in Houston, TX.

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