Joomi Chung

[Atlas 1, installation view, Carnegie Center for Visual and Performing Arts, Covington, KY, 2010]

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Atlas, 2012

Ink drawing on clear acetate, 10" x 300"

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An image is a transversal cut into the flux of time. It is an instance expanded to a sustained moment of seeing. Seeing is an act of retaining experience of being in time-space as sensible forms. An aggregate of these sensible forms creates a subjective reality, a metaphysical dimension of memory. Approaching image as personal-collective memory, space, and site, my work consists of collecting and abstracting images from various sources such as daily news, encyclopedia, photographs, and web information.

Made of ink drawing on clear acetate rolls, Atlas series are based on images that reflect personal and public events. Images drawn into this work, are abstracted and meshed together as a long abstract landscape that invites the viewer to approach it as a contemplative space as well as an interpretive map of visual signs. The spiral format of this work reflects the structure of image, memory, and time-space in which past and present are seen on the same plane but maintain distance from each other.

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