Joomi Chung

[Surfaces, recycled rubber, dimension variable, 2013]

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Surfaces, 2013

recycled rubber, Dimensions Variable


“Surfaces” is an abstract landscape of memory-space, the consciousness. Images used in this work represent the three zones of memory: 1) the surface of recognition; 2) the surface of forgetfulness; and 3) the in-between zone. The surface of recognition is the most recent or remembered experiences that are instantly visualized in our mind. The surface of forgetfulness is the platform of memory where parts of experiences sink and are forgotten. They are forgotten, invisible, and unimaginable but nonetheless they are the most essential part of the self. The in-between zone is a space of flux where forgotten part of the memory elevate; and remembered ones, sink. It is a place where experiences and dissolved and suspended forming a constantly morphing landscape of individual’s reality. This project is developed in three phases: 1) Images from various sources are appropriated and composed as multiple threads of events through ink drawing on acetate roll of 10”x300”; 2) the ink drawing is then scaled up and transferred to rubber mats and cut into fragments using x-acto knife; 3) hundreds of fragments obtained through the tracing, transferring, and cutting process are composed on the floor. Most of these pieces are unbound and, hence, the composition is unrepeatable. The final result is a horizontally expanding visual field and physical site that nuances a map, geographical strata, or an areal view of a limitlessly expanding land. This project is part of my long-term reflection and exploration of image-space as visual field and physical site. Through this work I am interested in creating tension and dialog between lightness and heaviness; multiplicity of fragments and density and singularity of mass; flatness and volume; familiarity and unfamiliarity; and representation and abstraction.

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