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A Slide Show by..., 2012

Perfomance by different performers presenting n a number of different venues between 2010-2012, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


51 mostly never before seen slides from travels I made between 2004-2007 are presented by volunteers found ia Facebook/Craigslist/Twitter as though the images were their own. The audience does not know that the images are not of the speaker.

So far show has so far been presented by Ben Fergusson at Clarke Gallery in Berlin; as part of as part of touring exhibition WUNDERKAMMER by Liz Solo at Eastern Edge Gallery in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada; by Karen Page at Franklin Furnace in New York, Andy Field at TROVE in Birmingham, by Nic Tammens and Matthew Greaves at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne and, most recently, by Lacey Haynes at Hotel Paravent (Tete) in Berlin.

Video documentation survives from each performance. This work is ongoing.

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