Clayton Cotterell

[Body Armor (two months before deployment to Afghanistan)]

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All in the Family, 2010

Archival Pigment Print, 20" x 24"

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All in the Family is an ongoing project in which I am primarily photographing my younger brother, Ian Cotterell, before and after he has joined the U.S. Army. This work investigates the current generation of young Americans crossing the gap between childhood and adulthood in a time of war.

I began photographing Ian in 2007 with no real intentions of using him as a subject. He is my brother and it was a way for us to spend time together, as we are very different in our personalities and interests. When he decided to join the military it created a new and strange patriotism in my family, simply because my parents wanted to support him in his decision. I started to take interest in this shift and the project began. As time went by, I understood what I was doing more and more, and decided to focus completely on Ian. As with previous projects, I felt by honing in on a specific individual I could then speak about a broader community experiencing a similar period in their lives.

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