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Bi Partisan, 2008

Digital Mobile Phone Rephotography, Dimensions Variable

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Digital photograph of two fashion models, a male and a female passing each other, revealing the curvature of the page from the original printed source material. Created in Olso, Norway in May 2008, this image is a case study for my use of appropriated and repeated imagery that related to human iconography and archetypes. This image is rich is references to appropriation of art imagery from artists to commercial application and back again. The history traces back to a documentation photo from a Marina Abramovic performance from 20+ years ago which was appropriated by fashion photographer Steven Meisel for a Vogue Magazine shoot in the 1990's (to the great chagrin of Abramovic). Once published by Vogue, this visual trope then entered the library of commercial imagery to be repeated and re-cycled by lesser fashion photographers. I found my source image in a weekly style newspaper insert in Oslo, Norway and have used documentation style, low resolution photography to capture the image. I then used digital retouching methods to play with the pixels in a painterly way, thus also exploiting the nature of the low-resolution ditigal medium.

I am a visual artist working in painting, photography and time-based medium. At the simplest level, I am interested in how the contemporary and the personal collide with mytheopoesis (myth-making as a storytelling device). I use three common strategies (appropriation, repetition and exaggeration) to elevate or connect a subject to the iconic, the celebrated and the archetypical. At times this has a direct relationship to media culture and celebrity. At times, this also has a relationship to ritual, superstition, the mystic and the sacred. I am influenced by archeology, anthropology, technology, organizational systems, dictionaries, best-dressed lists, museum practices, science fiction, and methods of documentation that mythologize artifacts. At present, I am exploring these ideas through the formal genres of portraiture and the still life.

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