David Mohr

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Strand, 2013

Charcoal on canvas , 14" x 11" x 1"


David Mohr

Artist Statement

The human touch and the process of making have always been at the center of my work. Using charcoal and paint on canvas, I create images that exist in between depth and flatness, bringing attention to the immediate surface while suggesting nuances in space and form. Embracing a process of trial and error, while welcoming erasures, removals, corrections and cover-ups into my work, I emphasize the human qualities of desperation and transformation. Attention to physical surface is a way for me to present the canvas as an object, and to maintain the image as a handmade accumulation of tactile materials. Welcoming an element of chance into my painting and allowing vestiges of the process to remain in finished work is a way to question any idea of a concluded, perfect absolute. I am interested in abstraction for both its abandonment of the recognizable, and its relatable symbolic connections to the spaces we exist in. In my painting and drawing, I can experiment with the physicality of the materials I use, while exploring abstraction as a reflection of loss and absence. By focusing on the gentle, the subtle and the barely-there, my work is a reminder that the nature of all things is dissolution.

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