Kristine Moran

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Black winter morning, 2010

oil on canvas, 54" x 60"


In their constantly shifting and mutable forms, Moran's characters are loosely threaded from a vast, personal collection of references that range from literary, cultural to the art historical. In Black Winter Morning, a title borrowed from Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Moran weaves wildly varying perspectives into a unified space, inspiring possible associations such as the Surrealist, Baroque and Orphic Cubism movements. Rendered from Moran’s gestural iconography, the central protagonist in this piece becomes transmorphed and devolved into something irrational and fragmentary, a primal human condition that often marks her characters. Combined with the spatial tension that saturates her paintings, these primal forces allow for an emotive dimension to her work that migrates from the familiar to the abstract.

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