Shiro Masuyama

[The 1st Tokorozawa Biennial of Contemporary Art, photo: Tadasu Yamamoto]

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Artist Refugee, 2009

Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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I have been based in Berlin and worked as an artist all over the world. After the world economical crisis last year my gallery in Korea was closed and the exhibition in this summer was also canceled unexpectedly. My artist life has been getting harder. So I decided to work for a part time job during my stay in Japan. As "Internet Coffee Refugee"* became major social problem in recent Japan, I will also become like an "Artist Refugee" who is not able to have the flat for stay financially except for the parent's house. I sleep in the exhibition venue during it's open hour of 10:00-18:00 and then go for the night shift job after the venue was closed. I am already 37 years old. It's not easy for the person who is above 35 years old to look for the part time job in the Japanese society. This special project also documents the whole process of the job hunting and shows the hard reality of an artist.

* : Internet Coffee Refugee - People who can not rent the flat financially and live in the internet coffee even though they work hard.

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