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excerpt hearts, 2012

ukulele and microphone, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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excerpt hearts is a thought exploration, an abstracted

stereotype of our lesbian past lives.

we are an under rehearsed cover band.

communicating through song and non-melodic momentary processing.

we are exploring the power dynamic of this co-dependent

relationship via live performance. i need to be amplified and Tess has the mic, in hand. our spacial relationship indicates our two dimensional platonically romantic relationship we made, just for this. love will prevail.

excerpt hearts is a collaborative project between niv and Tess Dworman, then niv and Jules Skloot and now niv and Tess again. it began in March of this year, performed in Ralph Lemon's Marathon. The End. event at St. Marks through DanSpace Project's Parallels Platform "what is black dance?" organized by Ishmael Houston-Jones. Jules Skloot and niv performed another incarnation at The Tank in April.

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