Abigail Satinsky

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InCUBATE Sunday Soup, 2008

A community meal generating funds for creative projects, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


Sunday Soup started as a monthly meal, hosted at InCUBATE’s storefront space from 2007-2010. It is a grassroots project to generate funds for artist initiatives and community projects through a grant raised by the meal. We invited guest chefs to cook simple soups and brunch foods using local ingredients. The brunch meal was served family-style and sold for a modest profit at $10/person. We took proposals for artist initiatives or community projects needing funding. Everyone who came to the meal got one vote in where the money would go. Since Sunday Soup began, an international network of micro-granting community meals has blossomed, with over 61 sister projects currently in operation. Sunday Soup was restarted after a hiatus in 2012, and is now co-organized with Roots & Culture and others in Chicago. More information on the world-wide network at sundaysoup.org. More information on Sunday Soup in Chicago at sundaysoupchicgo. org. More information on InCUBATE at incubate-chicago.org.

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