Gabriela Torres Ruiz

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Conversaciones silenciosas, 2013

digital photography C-Print/Acryl/Alu, Dimensions Variable

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I grew up in Mexico City, a city which together with its environs has reached a dimension of approximately 20 million inhabitants. The permanent confrontation with noise and chaos which are attributes of such a place generated my desire to search for silence and tranquility. My search led me to places which have something in common, namely silence and the absence of human beings. Nevertheless those places cause thoughts and connotations in very different ways.

In abandoned places, the walls and floors tell stories of those who once lived there, which I call “silent conversations“. Also, I suppose that a certain universal law of nature, which could be described by the term “weathering”, is documented in those images, a law, after which nature retakes its space and thereby express its inherent forces.

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