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I Long to be Free from Longing, 2014

Found objects, paper, audio circuits., 6" x 20" x 20"

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This piece is interactive. The boxes are light sensitive and you must lift the lids to hear the sounds.

The German idealist Frederick Holderin used his own absence of fulfillment to dream of a utopian future. In his poem, “All the Fruit…” Holderin describes a relief from longing that comes from giving into disintegration. But he adds, “Many things have to stay on our shoulders.” I Long to be Free from Longing is inspired by Holderin’s poem in content and form. There is hope and pain embedded in the experience of longing. Longing is untouchable but consuming. Equally, sounds can’t be touched although their ephemeral nature sparks memories and dreams. However, sound recordings can be captured. These facsimiles of experience can be stored, played and coveted.

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