The Workingman Collective

[This piece addresses themes of coincidence and the ironic possibilities of rando]

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Synchrony, 2008

plywood, windshield wiper motor, model trains, 100 clocks, Dimensions Variable

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This piece addressed themes of coincidence and the ironic possibilities of random patterns of visual events. Our world is in motion. Intersections and divergence of time and events are revealed in the most commonplace of our constructions.

Workingman Collective constructed parallel platforms in the two large rooms of the Delaplaine Visual Arts Center, Fredrick MD, exhibition space, creating autonomous areas that reveal their architectural structure and allude to a performance stage. Simple props; chairs and tables specifically designed and built for the exhibition occupy the platforms, attached to windshield wiper motors and set in a constant, infinitely variable tug of war motion. A fifteen-foot oval train track with locomotives circling underneath each platform and 100 clocks, set simultaneously at the start of the exhibition keep their own time, and reflect the constant cycle of time as a motion of opposing, symbiotic forces.

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