Tracy Candido

[[photo by Caroline Hwang]]

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Community Cooking Club, 2010

Ingredients, kitchen tools, recipes, participants, myself, social space, Dimensions Variable


The Community Cooking Club is a gathering of new friends preparing, cooking and eating food. Armed with tools such as local ingredients, a fully equipped kitchen, seasonal recipes and your own creative juices, participants learn new cooking skills or hone their existing talents.

Combining the concept of the potluck, where individuals privately prepare dishes and then share them with the group; and the environment of the critical classroom, where the collective whole actively engages in observation, examination and analysis, the Community Cooking Club acts as a site of working, exploring, tasting, talking and eating together.

The CCC also follows a lateral structure: participants separate into groups and help each other follow the instructions and recipe for each dish, with the organizer of the class [Tracy Candido] visiting each group to check on their progress and answer any questions.


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