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SPUME, 2015

Cable Ties, 81" x 74" x 8"


‘Spume’ presents soft flows of evolving sentiment. ‘Spume’ is an abstract visualization of flows of creamy and delicate texture in a macro filter perspective. At the same time, ‘Spume’ has an underlying illusiveness and irony introduced by repeated patterns of mass-produced artificial materials. Spume eventually subsides and fades away. Like spume, a moment of sentiment is original and precious but it also may be physically limited. Emotions and sentiments are not static. They flow and some are never the same.

Creating soft sentiment and capturing a moment of flows with cable ties may not be a natural selection. Cable ties are literally artificial and mass-produced. However, just as nature is not quite as what it seems when seen through a macro filter, I believe a touched moment can be a complex of small individual emotions and sentiments. These individual emotions and sentiments intermingle, flow around, and sometimes form a mass that cannot be contained and eventually brim over.

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