Jaclyn Wright

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Debris of Logic [II], 2015

Archival inkjet print, 30" x 24"


Digital technologies that have transformed our daily lives have also created detailed records of those lives. The information recorded, in part by us and in part by others, has created a second, electronic, self. This second self, in many ways, has become public domain as large data-crunching corporations exploit it for commercial use. The government has injuriously collaborated by using this private information in an attempt to understand and predict our behavior. The Two-Dimensional Shadow is a visual study of our society and its ever-changing conception of privacy. The images are an accumulation of data twisted, manipulated and restructured to represent our understanding of the elusive technology and behavior used to track and gather our personal information. The visual codes created reference a sociological paradigm shift that examines the datafication from which our electronic selves are created. It questions a system that demands transparency while having never been transparent itself, affirming that in anonymity there is power.

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