K. Mixon

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Strain 3.15.3, 2015

Oil on panel, 48" x 48" x 2"

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Agitation is preparation as my practice pivots on a system of tillage. After applying numerous layers of oil to panel, I carve paint away revealing a surface complexity that is slowly built through nuanced repetition. The harvested chips of paint are the seeds for new work. And, the graft from one painting morphs into the next, as a body in the act of becoming; it is both dying and procreating. Every painting carries with it the history of all previous paintings, as ghosts are continually reborn for sacrifice. Gestures are excavated and catalogued in a studio archive. This archive is the intermediary between the making and unmaking actions, a tangible word bank of utterances. My finished paintings are the punctuation in a sequence of metamorphic studio rituals, while the photographs serve both as actual documents and artificial stages for paint dust. From this autopoietic system, I create works grounded in a primal, pared-down aesthetic that reflects my sense of the world as an ensemble of repetitions and variations of our habits and habitations. They are earthly but unnatural, bodily but defiled.

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