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Pivotal 3, 2013

Acrylic and Styrene Acrylate Copolymer on Birch Panel, 35.5" x 35.5" x 1.5"


Cropping to Circles is an exploration of unexpected character captured in a commonplace system of agriculture– the center pivot irrigation system – a linear apparatus that moves in a large slow circle irrigating fields/crops in regions of uncertain precipitation or to boost production yields utilizing supplemental ground water.Seen from ground view these circles deflate and flat-line, blending into the infinite horizon. Seen from above, elevated out of their everyday context, these circular systems inflate into objects of contemplation. Planned and plotted monoculture fields morph into circular curiosities filled with unplanned and unprompted gestures, patterns and values. Shifting with time, these immense circles exude the randomness of farmer, field, crop, equipment, technology, science, tradition, season, climate, erosion, grade and soil.Emulating the chance markings of the fields themselves, I adopted a process of making that promoted uncertainty, allowing room for random blank or voided areas to disrupt the surface of the image. The mixed-media process provided me an extension to push each circle away from its original photographic representational quality and more towards a sphere of abstraction, allowing a gap in which the line between photographic/non-photographic and fiction/non-fiction could be blurred.

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