Saul Melman

[Installation Site: Socrates Sculpture Park - Queens, New York]

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Best Of All Possible Worlds, 2011

Mixed Media, 112" x 240" x 660"

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"Best Of All Possible Worlds" is an evolving site specific installation comprised of translucent, vacuum formed casts of salvaged doors that delineate the architectural floor plan of an absent domestic space. The casts are scarred with paint and wood embedded in their surface - remnants from their making. The plastic material captures and bends the changing daylight. This project was originally exhibited at Socrates Sculpture Park (Images 1 - 3) where the work mirrored the high-rises across the East River. In 2012, the sculpture was exhibited at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum (Images 4- 7) with one cast embedded in a hillside - the installation emerges from the landscape as if revealed through a process of erosion. In 2012, a singular cast door was installed in Evansville, ID (Image 8-10) on a quiet suburban street. The sculpture was sited where a century old house had been raised by the local government as part of a municipal effort to rid the community of distressed properties. Many other houses in the neighborhood had shared a similar fate. Three weeks after this work was installed and purchased by the City of Evansville, the sculpture was destroyed by a vandal triggering a heated debate in the community about the city's revitalization efforts throught the arts. An essay about this project was featured in The Believer Magazine here:

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