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Leif Eriksson Day (#12), 2008

Digital Photograph/C Print, Dimensions Variable

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In the year 1000 A.D. Leif Eriksson and his fellow Vikings came ashore at the edge of the incredibly remote northern tip of Newfoundland, Canada (known as L'Anse aux Meadows). There, Leif founded the settlement that came to represent the gateway to the mythical Viking New World: Vinland.

In August of 2008 Chris Mottalini traveled to northern Newfoundland in order to undertake a photographic/architectural interpretation of this mysterious settlement. The resulting images construct a portrait of the deserted camp as Norse ghost town, situated out of time and out of place in the modern North American wilderness.

Many of the settlement's structures are actually reconstructions, based on knowledge of Viking architecture. These elements of modernity and architectural re-creation/interpretation contribute to the strange and other worldly air of the settlement. Leif Eriksson Day is Mottalini's photographic gateway to the Viking New World, as well as an American holiday that is celebrated on the ninth of October.

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