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somewhere (collaboration with Louise Noguchi), 2009

found footage, 5 TV monitors, MAX/MSP program for synchronization, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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Somewhere appropriates a short clip (5 sec long) from The Wizard of OZ (1939), in which Dorothy’s house is falling from the sky. This clip is duplicated on 5 different monitors in a vertical format. Each image is synced so that it appears as if the house is falling from one monitor into another continuously. The sound increases each time as the house successively falls from monitor to monitor until it reaches the bottom screen.

In this video, the heightened reality found in Hollywood films (is revealed) and to reveal the simplicity of effects used in a very well known piece of film footage. In some ways our video is similar to Andy Kaufman’s magic routine where he hums his own musical background while pretending to perform magic tricks that have no magic to them.

*note: MAX/MSP program written by Martin Slawig (www.blackhole-factory.com)

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