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Blue Print, 2014

Cable Ties, 164" x 648" x 216"


‘Blue Print’ proposes a possibility of finding potentials and beauties of a void or abandoned space. ‘Blue Print’ was a site specific installation in an abandoned fabric factory building in Philadelphia, PA in 2014. I chose the colonnade as a subject matter of my installation, as I perceived the colonnade in the building to be one of the fundamental components of the building’s existence. Colonnade is also a remarkable feature that represents the building’s current condition. The colonnade in ‘Blue Print’ is made with white cable ties. The shape and size of the colonnade resemble the original. However, pillars of the colonnade are all different. The different forms and incompleteness of the pillars create an illusionary and mystical images of the original to initiate a talk of a renewal.

*The installation ‘Blue Print’ proposal was selected for the ‘Force Field Project 2014.’

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