Linda Persson

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Evaporated scent of Ruins, 2013

healing mud from Haapsalu in Estonia, wood, 55cm x 50cm x 0.5cm


This sculpture hints to the first acknowledgement of technology, what technology means, and it also enfolds the mythological and even the potential magical qualities. It can become a utilitarian object or cure human pain. This particular mud was collected in Haapsalu, Estonia, where it is known for it’s curative and healing properties. It is known to soothe rheumatism. But mud / clay also exists in old texts for example in the book of Genesis where God creates Adam out of mud, or the 14th Century folklore of Golem, also a man, a protector of the village, made of clay, but he develops too similar traits to the human being for the Village liking and is sent to be killed despite his help. Clay and mud is therefore a very animate material, and yet often looked over.This clay was smeared onto a corner that was fitted in the room entrance. Over the exhibition period it looses its smell, dries and fall off onto the floor.

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