Eyal Pinkas

[Slaapdienst, 2007, variable dimensions, inkjet print.]

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Slaapdienst, 2007

Photography, Dimensions Variable

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The series Slaapdienst (Sleeping-shift) is a collection of interferences registrations, that were made in a hotel’s breakfast room in Amsterdam.

As a nightshift receptionist I was inspired by the possibility of animating and visualizing the space I was sleeping in during my shift. As a result I started to direct the chairs and tables as objects that come to life at night, like the wooden soldiers in Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker.

In the work, I transformed the breakfast hall into a dancing hall using it as a stage for the objects performance.

Every morning after the furnitures secret activities were done, the room went back to its original function as if it was never been changed.

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