Christine Sajecki

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New Viewpoints in Georgia History, 2010

Encaustic (pigmented beeswax, damar resin) and photocopy transfer, 29" x 40"

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This piece is part of an ongoing exploration about Savannah, GA, where I now live: my neighborhood, the people, the changes, the politics, the history. It's also about books, the handing down of information, what you can learn at the library, how information is interpreted, packaged, and passed around. I have checked out books from the Savannah library about the local history, read them, photocopied them, and rearranged them, inserting my own photographs of things I see today. This particular painting is of my neighbor and half of a garden tool he was playing with. The text on the "back" refers to the Chief of the Yamacraw, Tomo-chi-chi, who welcomed the British settlers to what is now Savannah. The Yamacraw were a tribe of made up of the outcasts of other tribes. There is a housing project named after them today.

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