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Whisper, 2009

iTunes software application, 100d 0h

1.99 USD

Whisper is the first single of a series of avant-garde FutureSound releases by FutureAcoustic, bordering between intelligent ambient music and sound art for the iPhone and iTouch.

It showcases a new kind of sound that is non-linear, context-aware and compositionally intelligent. It aims to create an acoustic experience that merges with your surroundings, creating a virtual sound space connected to your real environment.

Whisper is composed and orchestrated by Scanner. It comprises four sound layers, each one evolving subtly using weighted-probability rules and responding to noises of different frequencies in your environment.

Whisper is a minimalist, slow-release piece. The best way to experience it is by not actively listening to it - set it at a volume level that is not intrusive and take a walk in the city, or just sit back and let it slip in the background of your perception. The work constantly evolves, changes and develops, masking the noise around with you with original playful immersive sound

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