Vida Simon

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Facade, 2008

performance, 2h 0m

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Performance as part of Deformes Bienal de Performance, Santiago, Chile, November 15, 2008
This performance took place on the rooftop of the Collectivo Mapocho, located in an important historic building in the heart of a vibrant, lower-income area. Using an overhead projector, live projected drawings and silhouettes of objects were improvised in relation to the architecture, and my experiences of Santiago (including a fire in the building earlier in the week). At times I interacted with the projected images, such as when I used crumpled papers to make self-portrait rubbings, by blindly tracing my face with a crayon. The piece began at dusk and lasted approximately 2 hours.
Materials: overhead projector, china marker, cloth, pins, glass, paper

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