Patrick Scheid

[Zara Notes, HERE arts 2013. Photo credit: Aehee K. Asano.]

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Zara Notes, 2014

Body, Found objects (Paper, Furniture, Scrap wood, Books, etc.), Paint, Ink, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


Zara Notes is an interactive exploration of Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra. Participants entered to find a man claiming to the the German philosopher’s fictional prophet. This Zara man took them through the tenets of his philosophy and then invited them to use the materials in the space to build sculptures illustrating his tenets/tablets/tables. If a “table” was “insufficient” in its expression, hammers were passed around and it was smashed to pieces. Something new would then have to be build from the fragments.

For the month the piece resided at Michael’s gallery, the performances lasted up to six hours. Spectators came and went as they pleased. At the end of each day, things were left as they were to be resumed the following day. It was a seemingly endless cycle of creation/destruction/recreation that lasted for the full month the piece resided there.

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