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Haft-Sin Zazen, 2010

Gold and silver thread and salt on linen6 ½ ft x 13 ft (200 cm x 401 cm), Dimensions Variable


This project exists on many levels, and is directly linked to my present locale and environment in Abu Dhabi. While driving from Cairo to Alexandria in Egypt in 2004, I first experienced this moment and was struck by these endless mounts of sand surrounding the desert road that inspired me. Through the process of searching and seeking to represent through form this moment I experienced, the work eventually formalized. Salt is a material that derives from the ocean, of which we are surrounded by, but also holds a personal meaning, as it is believed in many cultures to be a metaphysical organic material that carries negative energy away, and a material that allows for wishing well and cleansing. The mounts are placed on a kandora fabric, and this visual perception of white on white provides a feeling of repose, where one can find a tranquil state.

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