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Conversations with the Sky, 2013

archival inkjet print from 8x10 pinhole camera, 50" x 40"

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We can’t stare at the sun without going blind. What can you learn about something from staring at it? How we experience the sun/can experience the sun. How we think about our two main celestial sources of light. The sun gives us energy, allows us to understand the world in a particular way (visual information). The moon reflects the sun’s light, and keeps us where we are. It’s the only other body in the solar system humans have visited. Together, they make it possible for us to be here. What can the intervention of the camera help us learn about these two bodies? The camera can stare for a lot longer. Unblinking, all seeing.

Awareness of our body, of our scale, of our place in the universe.

We are these small beings staring up at these large worlds that give us energy, light, information, heat, life.

Staring at the sun makes you an idiot.

Staring at the moon makes you a lunatic.

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