Jen Smoose

[show: Wayward, Logan Center Gallery, 2013]

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Self-Portrait for Hubble, 2013

steel, aluminum, lead, elm, 63" x 36" x 36"

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Hubble was looking at a patch of sky that is the equivalent of someone holding a 1x1cm square at arm’s length. This sculpture is made of me. My arm’s length, my hand size, my shoulder width, my height. It is me, trying to understand this image, trying to see what Hubble could see. It’s a futile effort, but it’s worth a try. This sculpture is largely about our inability to know, to see. It calls attention to the limits of our bodies, of our instruments. Hopefully it also creates a desire to know. You want to see something at the other end of that box. You want to understand what it’s supposed to show you.

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